Auteur: solongfolks


Book is out, had 2 exhibitions and a few assignments. Sold some of my older work too which was nice. Dreaming of exotic locations while christmas is around the corner and it’s snowing in the netherlands……better get out though, try and make something happen.


at the A.C.F is taking shape. probably i’ll show in November there. Jan Benthem (Benthem Crouwel architects) bought one of my pictures. Added a new song called “Modern Men” with my band which is getting a namechange, but we don’t know what it’ll be yet.;-)

L.V added and Seelevel

I’ve added 10 pictures from my Vegas trip, about 6 more to come in the near future. Seelevel online gallery is showing my edition prints at Photofestival Naarden, the ‘off’ festival that is at the Vestigingsmuseum starts saturday the 16th.